4 Fireplace Surround Decoration Tips

Fireplaces are a focal point in a home, so the type of decorations you use on your fireplace surround can determine the design theme of your living room or other area. A fireplace surround is made up of the entire area around the fireplace, including the top, sides and mantle, so there is a lot of area to decorate. Here are a few decoration tips:

1. Safety Concerns with Decorations

First, safety is something to be aware of when decorating a fireplace surround. For instance, if you are going to use your fireplace around the holidays to hang up your Christmas stockings or holiday cards, then you need to watch that they don’t fall into the fireplace when you have a fire in the fireplace. Many types of Christmas ornaments can be placed on a surround area. You can use garland and string it around the sides, as well as lights, and trim. Just be careful of where they hang, so there is no risk of them catching fire.

2. Materials and Products to Decorate a Fireplace Surround

The materials you use to decorate your fireplace surround should set off the look and feel of your mantel and trim. Your basic surround may be smooth concrete, wood, or even metal. The type of material could determine the kind of decorations that fit the décor. For instance, concrete surrounds can be colored using special concrete paints, and wood can be covered with different types and colors of paneling. You can also buy accessories such as pokers, cast iron frames to hold wood, glass or metal doors for the hearth and others. The kind you use depends on the décor of your fireplace surround.

3. Moldings and Other Additions

One nice addition to a fireplace surround is crown molding on the top. These can be found in everything from a smooth, simple wooden design, to an intricately carved marble version. It all depends on your tastes and budget. You can also add other things around your fireplace surround edges, such as a bookcase or cabinet. These are very practical and add a nice decorative touch to the feel of your room. Another idea is to add a façade to the front of your fireplace. These can be made of wood or other material. The design you choose is up to you. Some lay flat, while others “pop” out of the fireplace to add a 3-D look to your room.

4. Budget

How much money you can spend on decorating your fireplace surround must also be taken into consideration. Some materials, like marble, are much more expensive than something like wood or brick. Budget also comes into consideration when it comes to maintaining the fireplace. The amount of money you spend depends on what kind of decorations you want. You can have something as simple as a few mantelpiece items, or as elaborate as carved or inscribed marble and stone.

All in all, how you decorate your fireplace surround is a matter of personal desires. Make it your own and enjoy your fireplace surround.