4 Garage Conversion Ideas

Garage conversion ideas always come thick and fast when you decide you need to convert that space into an apartment. Before you rush headlong into the planning there are a few things you need to take into consideration not least of which is where you intend to park your car in winter. A garage apartment sounds like a great idea in the summer but winter can cause you to have problems. Once you have decided to go ahead, head on down to the planning department and check the bylaws. Height requirements and zoning laws have to be adhered to. Consult with the plumber and the electrician and consider how you plan to extend the central heating. With all those items under your belt, it is time for you to plan the design.

1. Cupboards

When planning your layout consider that it will be a small space. Packing space is crucial and planning your cupboard and storage space is extremely important to get the most out of every available inch. What isn’t important in a large house becomes premium space in garage conversion ideas. Small kitchen designs will need to include a space to hide the broom, mop, and vacuum. Design around the appliances you intend to place in the spaces. Instead of a large upright fridge consider a bar fridge and instead of a full stove consider a convection microwave. You can even find some that have plates on top. Your floor space will probably be around 5 foot by 6 or 7 foot.

2. The Bedroom

Create the feeling of space by not taking the cupboards to the ceiling but by having them as standalones. This will give the apartment a feeling of space even though the area is sectioned off. Build the bed in with storage space under it. By utilizing every scrap of space such as under the bed for duvets and sheets, normal cupboard space is freed for clothes. By keeping the furniture and walls light in color, you also extend the feeling of space. Keep busy designs in curtains and carpets to the minimum. Bringing color into the apartment should be done with small items rather than large. Throws or cushions in bright colors will accentuate the area and not detract from it.

3. Tiling or Carpets

This is usually a matter of personal choice but one should take into consideration the weather in their area. Tiling can be cold in winter and will also increase the cost of heating. Most people won’t go to the extent of putting in under floor heating in a garage apartment and the cost of extending your present heating system to the garage might not be practical. While it’s all very well in summer it can also get very hot in a small space so you also need to consider air conditioning in areas where this occurs. Small spaces heat up quicker than large but by the same token the air conditioning unit you will need for the space will be a lot smaller.


While it is fine to have direct access from across the yard access to the main entrance of the garage apartment, consider who will be living there. What is fine for now with one of your family members living there, should you want to rent it out in future you might find not such a good idea. Rather plan for the entrance to be out of sight of your living areas. This way you won’t have to put up with strangers coming and going if you rent it out.

These are all some ideas you need to take into consideration when going over your garage conversion ideas.