4 Gifts for Plant Lovers

small succulent plants in ceramic pots
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Gifting a plant lover? Your options are endless. Even if you don't know much about plants, you can still gift your favorite greeniac something fun, creative, and meaningful.

1. Plants…. Duh

small succulent plants in crafted pots

Plants are a great gift for your favorite plant lover if they live close to you. Don't try and mail your brother a plant from across the country—there's a company that can do that for you. You'll likely kill the plant and end up sending your brother a pile of dead leaves instead of something nice and alive.

But if you live close to your favorite plant fanatic, consider getting them a fun plant like a succulent for their birthday. If you don't know a lot about plants, check out our greatest hits list, or head to your local nursery and ask a worker for help picking out a houseplant.

It helps if you know what direction your friend’s windows face when you're going to buy them a plant because different plants require different levels of light. But even if you don't know, you can still pick out a house plant that's easy to keep alive.

Take into consideration if your friend has kids or pets and make sure to pick a plant that's non-toxic.

plants with potting supplies

2. Planting Accessories

A new, pretty watering can, a well-designed pair of gardening gloves, or even a fancy shovel make great gifts for your favorite plant friend. Plant people tend to like pretty things, so a dressed-up version of a planting accessory is a great way to go when it comes to gifting your friends who love plants.

We love the idea of wrapping up a beautiful watering can with a pair of fun gardening gloves or gardening boots. Even if your friend isn't a big gardener, things like gardening gloves and boots still go a long way because you've got to re-pot your plants every now and then, and that's a messy process.

3. Pots

hanging potted jade plant

If you are well acquainted with your friend’s style, you can gift them a pot. As plant lovers ourselves, some of our very favorite gifts have been pots. Look for pots that coordinate with your friend’s current home decor, have a personal meaning, or are really unique. We love hanging wall pots that have a flat back so they sit flush with the wall. They're unique and very giftable.

If you love DIY gifts for your friends, consider making them a cement pot, painting a ceramic pot for them at a paint-your-own-ceramics studio, or making a clay pot for them. Make sure the pots you make have drainage holes so that the plants can stay alive once they've been placed in your pot. Gifts like these are so personal and meaningful.

4. Natural Trinkets

green plant trinkets and jewelry

If you want to think outside the box a little bit, think about plant trinkets. Trinkets include things like enamel pins, notebooks, keychains, mugs, and even magnets are shot glasses. There are so many fun plant-related trinkets out there from both small and big businesses.

Plant books or even a plant-based cookbook are also a fun way to help your friend with a green thumb feel loved and seen. If you don't want to get your friend a plant—or you can't send one because they live far away—consider getting them a plant-centric gift like a notebook covered in philodendron leaves or a cactus pin.

These gifts are fun, out of the box, and still let your friend know that you're thinking about them and that you know them well.

A quick search on Etsy or a trip to a local gift shop is likely to turn up one of these green trinkets because plant decor and accessories are very popular right now. You don't have to break the bank when purchasing plant-related trinkets because you can usually find a great gift under twenty dollars.