4 Great Deck Light Styles 4 Great Deck Light Styles

A deck light is important for the external areas of your house because it enhances the beauty of the environment and gives an illusion of more space. A light on your deck will provide an agreeable, comfortable atmosphere for an outdoor dinner with your family and friends. You can also install similar lights on your patio and spend the time listening to music or reading. There are several different styles to choose from, all easy to install and resistant to weather elements and temperatures. Most deck light styles use advanced technology, including timers and switches to lower or brighten the light whenever you want.

1 – Deck Post Lights

Deck post lights are the most common style you can find today. They help you save a lot of energy because these particular deck lights are equipped with a light sensor that detects sunlight. Apart from sensing sunlight, they have another sensor to detect people coming in or out of your deck or patio. These lights can be installed in two ways: either fixed with screws or mounted onto a wall.

2 – Deck Lights For Stairways

If you have a stairway or a few steps in the outdoor area of your private residence, you can also decide to install a deck light there. The light enhances the security of the environment because it illuminates the steps so that you will clearly see them, thus preventing you from falling. You can install lights on both sides of the stairs. In case your steps are a bit slender, you can install an additional deck light in the center of every step.

3 – LED Deck Lights

LED deck lights are considered to be one of the most technologically sophisticated lights you can have to illuminate your deck or patio. Unlike other styles, you need to charge LED deck lights for about four hours first, before you start making use of them. Once they have been charged, you can leave these lights on for about twelve hours. LED deck lights do not need any wiring to be installed and you can also simply switch them on and off with a remote control.

4 – Low Voltage Deck Lights

This deck light style is ideal for you if your deck or outdoor area is situated in the dark or in the shade. It will compensate for the constant absence of sunlight in your deck. Apart from these low voltage deck lights, there are others which run on solar energy, but they are recommended if you have a patio, a yard or landscape.

Low voltage deck lights provide your deck or outdoor area with a lot of light, even though they do not require a lot of power to work properly; only between 2 to 4 watts of energy. Similarly to LED deck lights, these lights need to be charged before you use them. The installation of these low voltage deck lights does not require complex wiring, and if you decide to install a solar deck light instead, you can put it anywhere.

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