4 Great Game Room Ideas For Teens

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To create a space in your home for your teens to get away with their friends, start with a list of game room ideas.

Location, Location, Location

Teenagers are notorious for making a lot of noise, no matter how hard they try to keep their voices down. An ideal space for them to have their fun is somewhere separate from bedrooms. Basements are often secluded, and noises don't carry, making them the perfect space. Other options are spare rooms on the first floor or bonus rooms that may have come with your house. In any case, it has to be large enough to provide teenagers with plenty of space.

Hey Guys, What Should We Do?

This question often goes unanswered when no entertainment is readily available. Make your teen's space one full of things to entertain them. Computers, televisions with DVD players, foosball, billiard, and ping-pong tables provide great entertainment for groups of all different sizes and ages.

All of these forms of entertainment can be very expensive in stores. Check eBay, Craigslist, and garage sales before buying one new. You can find some great deals!

Right at Your Fingertips

In a perfect world, every teen-haven would have its own private bathroom and kitchen. While we don't all have the means to do this, it is important to have a restroom nearby. Teens won't want to wander far from their friends to use the bathroom.

The location of your kitchen is much more difficult to change, so no one will ask you to move your kitchen closer to your child's game room. A better option may be to install inexpensive cabinetry, a miniature refrigerator, and a microwave. This will give your teenagers plenty of options for snacks in a pinch, and will keep them extremely happy, especially the boys!

Styling Teens

Teenagers are very expressive people, who will be excited to show their friends a space full of fun, excitement, and life. Take your kids shopping with you. They can help you pick paint colors, fabrics, and fixtures that will give their room that extra punch of something that says "hang out here!" Patterned fabrics will even allow you to pick a theme for your room, be it casino, old Hollywood, '50s hangout, or even a polka-dotted, geometric lounge.

In addition to a few forms of entertainment in your room, these are the things you should be sure to include:

Plenty of comfortable, decorative seating.

Tables with coasters for drinks and food.

Adjustable overhead, and standing lighting.

Decorations that fit the theme of the room.

Books, CDs, movies, games, and plenty of other things to keep them busy.

Find what you need

Again, it's easy to find a lot of fun, inexpensive things to fill a room at garage sales or thrift stores. If you find yourself still needing things to fill your teen's fun zone, here is a list of online resources: