4 Great Gun Cabinet Designs

Once you decide to get a gun cabinet, you might consider which designs best suit your taste and needs. Several factors determine which gun cabinet you opt for.

Factors that Influence Your Selection

  • What type of guns do you want to store?
  • How many guns do you own?
  • What you need to store besides firearms? Do you need additional storage for other items such as ammunition?
  • What other décor will surround your gun cabinet?
  • Do you need or want locks?

As you consider these factors, check into the following designs.

Wood Wall-Mounted Design

    Traditional gun cabinets have storage space for three to twelve rifles and offer an additional drawer for storage. Most of these cabinets are made from mahogany. The most common sizes in traditional gun cabinets are 24 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches.

    You usually mount this kind of gun cabinet on the wall. Because it is totally open, you should use such a design to display your guns, rather than to protect unwanted hands from accessing your guns. 

    You could also consider cabinets with racks for various guns. In this variation, you store each gun on its own peg.

      Wall-Mounted Glass Case Design

      Custom gun cabinet designs also allow you to incorporate craftsmanship into the cabinet as a part of your interior décor. Some of these pieces, such as a case enclose by glass, beautify the room in addition to storing your guns.

      These gun cabinets often have locks and sometimes contain a separately locked drawer to store your ammo. 

      Safe-Style Design

      The safest gun cabinet you can purchase is a large safe-like box that stores all of your guns. These units usually offer the following features:

      • Multiple locks
      • Large storage capacity
      • The strongest steel material available
      • Separate storage for ammo

      Vault Room Design

      If a gun safe is not large enough for your gun collection, perhaps a gun vault is a good design for you.

      A gun vault room is designed to keep your guns safely tucked away. These "vaults" are usually made of extemely thick concrete walls and have unbreakable doors. They may be very large in order to hold various gun safes inside.

      As you can see, the gun cabinet you choose may depend on various factors. The above tips and designs will point you in the right direction, but sample as many gun cabinet designs as possible before you select yours.