4 Great Reusable Materials for Decorative Bowls 4 Great Reusable Materials for Decorative Bowls

Whether for a special occasion or just for fun, creating decorative bowls can add interest to your table's centerpiece. Undertaking this project with reusable materials will help you to reduce waste while enhancing your table.


You can make decorative bowls from ice and use them to serve cooled food or just to add unique appeal to your table. You will need two bowls of the same shape, preferably made of stainless steel, with one able to fit inside the other. Fill the gap between the two bowls with water so that the top one floats and the water is level with the lips of the two bowls.

From here, you can use a mug or glass to weigh down the inner bowl. Carefully place the vessels into the freezer. For a colorful look, undertake some decoration first by pushing flowers into the gap or by coloring the water with food dye.

Once the water has frozen, remove the stainless steel bowls and display your ice bowl on a high-sided tray. After the ice has melted, you may use the resulting water on plants.


Rather than sending old newspapers and magazines off to be recycled, make use of them to create decorative bowls. First soak the newsprint in wallpaper paste. Then you can arrange strips of it on an inflated balloon to create a bowl shape.

Make sure the papier-mâché is firm and thick by building up several layers. Once this is dry, it will become sufficiently hard for you to pop the balloon without affecting the bowl's shape.

When your decorative bowls have dried, you can also paint and decorate them. Carefully cut holes around the rims and thread ribbons through to add further decoration. After it has been used, the bowl can be composted.      


You can make decorative bowls from pieces of wood by carefully chiseling out the inside. This method will also allow you some variety in terms of the shape of the bowls you create. (You can use either a cylindrical portion or a cross section of the log.)

Brace the wood on a non-slip surface and use a hammer and chisel to remove the inside. If you are going for a rustic look, score some rough designs in the sides to add decoration. If you want a more polished look, finish off the surface with sandpaper before adding some hand-carved designs.

If the bowl outlives its usefulness, you can burn it as firewood.    


You can buy a stiff plastic mesh from many fabric shops or craft stores. Use this mesh as a starting point for decorative bowls. Form the mesh or canvas into the shape of a bowl and secure it in place with strong twine. Decorate it by weaving ribbon, wool or strips of material through the holes. For a more natural look, weave thin leaves (fresh or dry) through the holes. You can loosen any threads and reuse both them and the plastic canvas. If you decorate with leaves, you can later compost them.

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