4 Great Rock Driveway Layouts 4 Great Rock Driveway Layouts

Having a rock driveway is a simple way to decorate your driveway, but if it is planned out well it can prove to be an ideal way to create a striking first impression of your house and its whereabouts. Several possibilities are available to choose from in order to give your driveway that particular look which goes well with your house’s scheme and ambience.


Concrete is the simplest material that you can choose for your driveway. It has the disadvantage of being bare looking and is not too welcoming. However with some creativity, concrete can be made to look less cold and more appealing. This can be done by some engravings or stenciling techniques. Other options are also available, namely stamped, decorative or patterned concrete, which provide a softer look since they basically turn the smooth grayish concrete to look as if it were natural stone or brick. However this is basically a simulation since the these designs are only applied on the outer façade of the concrete. This can be used both for floors and walls in your driveway. It is a relatively cheap way of improving the look of your driveway, while retaining the material’s strong and resistant properties against bad weather and other deterrents. Several types of finishes can be applied to concrete together with other finishing touches relating to the theme of your house, such as:

  • Brick patterns
  • Aggregate or crushed rock
  • Cobblestone
  • Pebbles
  • Different colors and patterns



Gravel is becoming increasingly popular to create a nice looking driveway. Gravel helps to give a pleasant and welcoming look to your driveway because of its natural and simple qualities. Besides, gravel has the advantage of blending well with any layout and house. Furthermore, it provides a look which is always stylish in its simplicity and it is not likely to look outdated after a few years time.


Block paving and brickwork

Pavements for driveways come in several patterns and colors to choose from. Companies specializing in this job exist and you should consider hiring such driveway contractors to ensure a better job for your driveway. Besides professional expertise and advice you will also have the advantage of choosing from a larger selection of pavements possible. Such pavements usually have a natural stony look or else are further characterized with rustic features, aged stone semblance, subtle colorings, and granular finishes.


Natural stone

Although modern methods of simulation and dying are providing other possibilities and options some still prefer to use natural stone. There are several stones available to choose from such as limestone, granite, York stone, Indian sandstone, marbles and slates. These obviously vary in their thicknesses, sizes and finishes. The main disadvantage of natural stone paving is that it is relatively expensive.


When approaching a house,  the first thing a visitor sees is your driveway, so it pays to give it some serious thoughts on how to create a welcoming look which can be achieved even with relatively low cost materials. The most important thing is that you give it good planning and dedication while considering your budget and the maintenance required.

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