4 Gutter Guard Options for Copper Gutters 4 Gutter Guard Options for Copper Gutters

Making use of a gutter guard can help to reduce the need for excessive cleaning of your gutters. Using the correct guard for copper gutters will ensure that leaves and debris are not a problem.  

Gutter Shingle

There are a range of different types of shingle that can be used as a gutter guard within copper pipes. This will be effective for leaves as well as smaller particles such as berries and seeds.


A clip on filter can be used as a gutter guard by clipping it into place at the open end. A mesh covering can be used to make up this example to prevent debris from entering the copper gutters. They can be found made of both plastic and metal, however, the plastic option is the better one if you don’t know what type of metal it is.

Screen Inserts

Screen inserts are available constructed into the same shape as the guttering so that it can be slotted into place to prevent debris from flowing along the copper gutters.

Hinged Cover

A hinged cover that fits to the top of copper gutters is an ideal gutter guard as it can be flipped up to clean beneath when it is necessary.

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