4 Hole Kitchen Faucet Installation Tips

A 4 hole kitchen faucet is a faucet that contains the regular configuration of two water knobs and a faucet spout. The other hole is for an auxiliary spray nozzle that can be pulled out and used for rinsing large pots.

Installation of a 4 hole kitchen faucet will follow the same guidelines and installation techniques of a regular faucet installation.

1. Clean Installation Area
If there is dirt, dust, old adhesive, or anything else along the installation area of the sink, it can cause leaks from your adhesive not sealing correctly. Clean with a warm water and soap solution to loosen up any debris.

2. Use Plumber's Tape for All Fittings
Cover all the fittings with plumber's tape to ensure a water tight seal. With a 4 hole kitchen faucet, you have more fittings to connect and could possibly leak.

3. Dry Fit Everything First

Before you start making all final tightening, adhesives, and caulking dry fit all everything so you will not have to reassemble everything because you left something out.

4. Use Clear Caulking

One of the reasons you buy a 4 hole kitchen faucet is for the finish or style. Use a clear silicone caulking that will not take away from the appearance of the faucet. Scrape of all excess for a clean, smooth, clear, finish.