4 Home Lighting Apps to Brighten Your World

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Applications that control your home lighting from a phone, tablet, or computer—you might be wondering what the use of such an app would be. Perhaps you leave the house for long periods of time and would like to make it look like you’re home or that someone has been there recently. Maybe you would like to make sure the lights are on when you get home so that you’re not left in the dark. Perhaps your kiddos leave the lights on much of the time and you’d like to conserve energy by checking the lights after everyone has left for the day. Whatever the reason, checking your lights from a distant location can save you time and money. Here are 4 apps to help you do just that.


Available for just about any smartphone on the market, this app allows you to control any form of lighting by Milight, which is a brand that makes and sells energy efficient smartphone-controlled light bulbs. Simply replace your old light bulbs with new ones by Milight, and control them from any remote device that has the app. The light bulbs come in a selection of colors, have dimming capabilities, and last up to 25 years. The app splits your home into zones, allowing you to quickly navigate and find the specific light you want to adjust. Users of Milight have appreciate the cost -effectiveness and dependability of this app and product.


Created by Phillips, the Hue app allows you to control the lighting of any of the wireless bulbs by Phillips, which simply replace the bulbs you already have in your home. The bulbs have the ability to flash, pulse, and come in almost any color you could imagine. The bridge by Phillips allows up to 50 bulbs to be controlled via a wireless connection in your home. There are a variety of Hue apps available in app stores, some designed to create light shows, holiday light shows, or set the mood. The bulbs are versatile, and so are the apps that accompany the technology.


Designed for Android or iPhone, WeMo can be used with any of the one-way light switches installed in your home. A switch from Belkin can be plugged into the wall of your home and a lamp or light can be controlled from the switch, which is connected to your app. While this option doesn’t work seamlessly with multiple lights, it’s a nice option if you’d only like to manage a light or two while away on vacation.


The Revlov app is designed to run on Apple devices and control all of your home technology and applications from one location. From WeMo, Hue, and Homelight to thermostats and security systems, Revlov helps prevent the clutter of running too many apps, devices, and services in your home at the same time. While it costs a good chunk of change, it can be worth it if your house has gone high tech. Manage all of your previous lighting and home apps from one place without overloading yourself or the system.