4 Homemade Knick Knack Shelf Ideas

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  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

Having a knick knack shelf is a great way of displaying all those little items you’ve collected over the years. They all mean something to you, so you will want to be able to see them on a daily basis. A simple shelf is rather boring, however. There are many more imaginative ideas you can employ for showing off your knick knacks.

1. Boxes

Wooden boxes make wonderful shelves for knick knacks. You want a box that’s made of good finished wood, large enough to hold several items, but not so big it dominates a wall; you also need to be able to hang it without any problems.

For tiny knick knacks, an older printer’s block is a great idea as long as it’s been well cleaned. In the days when type was used for printing, printers would store their letters in a block. The block is subdivided into many tiny boxes, each about one inch square. A display of small items, such as decorative thimbles, can be displayed in a block such as this.

If you can find a wooden box that was made to hold Christmas ornaments, this is also a good display item as a knick knack shelf, with each knick knack highlighted in its own separate compartment.

2. Individual Shelves

shelves and decor on a wall

You can create great impact by putting up a series of knick knack shelves that are four inches by four inches in size. Put them in different places on the wall with one object on each. That way, the eye focuses on each item and it makes for an extremely striking display.

3. Unusual Shelves

Find a wide piece of driftwood and cut out some areas so they’re flat and able to hold knick knacks. Mount the driftwood on the wall and use it for displaying your items. It’s something that will arrest and attract visitors to your home. It’s easy to do, cheap, and the results are really worthwhile.

Use knick knack shelves of different, contrasting bright colors. These are especially effective against a white wall where they will stand out. However, they should only really be used with modern knick knacks as more traditional items will seem out of place. For greater impact, stagger them down as if they were steps.

Use non-traditional materials for shelving. Colored plastic can be good, especially older plastics like Bakelite. Similarly, for a very modern look, stainless steel or metal can be used – these go particularly well in a kitchen. You can easily find small pieces of metal that can be finished and used in this way.

4. Create Your Own Finishes

wall decor boxes

You can go for the very unusual by taking normal knick knack shelves and turning them into something unique. Cover them with fabric, gluing it in place, or use fancy, shiny adhesive coverings. That way, you can make knick knack shelves that will express your personality and match the décor of your room.

If you’re feeling very adventurous, putting sequins or fake jewels on the edges of the shelf will make something truly eye-grabbing; the choice is completely yours.

Finishing the knick knack shelves with a coat of varnish will help with keeping them clean and safe for a much longer period of time.