4 Ideas for a Workshop Cabinet

Aside from having a reliable work bench, workshop places often require the use of a workshop cabinet for additional practicality. Here are some workshop cabinet ideas that people can do in their own workshop place. The following discussion also offers a guide on how to build workshop cabinets.

Idea # 1: Bookcase-like Workshop Cabinet

Creating a workshop cabinet that is similar to a book case is a good idea. This type of cabinet is very convenient for a workshop area. Bookcase-like workshop cabinets are useful in the workplace because people can simply store tools, plans, papers and other references that are part of the workshop. It can be positioned right next to a table or desk. The worker can simply have more places to stack materials. A simply cabinet without shelves like a book case may not be too useful. Bookcase-like workshop cabinets can help prevent mess inside the workplace and they are fairly easy to build. People can customize the specifications of the cabinet according to their needs.

Idea # 2: Adjustable Shelves

While a workshop cabinet that mimics a bookshelf is a good idea, however, it’s also good to make a few alterations to it. Another workable and practical innovation to do is to introduce adjustable shelves. A good workshop cabinet design is a bookcase-like cabinet with two drawers underneath. These drawers will serve as storage space for papers and other documents. The adjustable shelves may be positioned to the desired height. This addition can be built with the use of pegs for support and height adjustment. 

Idea # 3: Additional Shelf

Installing an additional shelf may be useful for things such as books and other references that are slightly smaller than the average size. Most of the time small things tend to mess up the storage space meant for bigger components since there is too much space. Some lay scattered and disorganized. It’s better to store them in a space that is right for their size. This will help keep things from getting disorganized or scattered.

Idea # 4: Cabinet Frame

Most cabinet frames can be left plain. The sides are usually divided with the use of projecting tenons both on top and beneath. The tenons’ edges should be shimmered off and smoothed with the use of sand paper. This will help achieve a rounded look that is both smooth and highly polished. The pegs can be placed by drilling a hole into the thick plank. The diameter for each should measure around half an inch.

Other Helpful Tips

The following ideas should help build a workshop cabinet in the easiest way:

  1. To make sure that measures are accurate, it’s recommended to use the service of a lumber yard when purchasing materials. Lumber yards can professionally cut all woods according to the precise measure.
  2. Systematically hang tools near the work area. This setup is very convenient when tools need to be used interchangeably.