4 Ideas for Bathroom Laminate Flooring Borders

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Laminate flooring is gaining popularity due to the fact that it is a relatively affordable option and provides a very stylish look to any room. Additionally, it is easy to install without requiring the assistance of professionals. This also applies in the case of laminate flooring borders, which can define the room and its flooring even more if chosen correctly. In fact, here we shall be discussing some ideas for laminate flooring borders that you can select for your bathroom.

1. Basic Considerations

First of all, shop around as you are bound to find a wide range of styles to choose from. Keep an eye not just on prices but also on quality and brands. It will pay to spend some time researching and asking around prior to purchasing. You will find not only diverse colors but also textures. If your flooring is already installed you may wish to match some flooring borders, or else go totally overboard and choose borders of different colors and textures to create contrast and interest.

Make sure you make a well-informed decision as you do not want to end up unsatisfied with the final result or even consider removing your newly installed flooring borders.

2. Width

The width of the border has to be proportional to the other flooring tiles and the area of the bathroom. If it is a large bathroom then it is best to go for a wide border. A wide border can also give more emphasis to the flooring. A small room will look a bit larger if the borders are narrower.

3. Colors

The color you choose for your flooring borders is personal and a significant factor in determining the end result. Tastes vary, but the bottom line is either to go for the same color tones or else choosing contrast colors for emphasis. The room's decor and furnishings play an important part in your choice of color in both instances.

To keep with the same color scheme, you need to mix and match various colors already found in the soft furnishings, or even darken or lighten some of them. The borders must never be too similar in color to the flooring tiles. For best effect, the flooring need to be dark, while the borders are lighter, or vice versa. However, ultimately, it all depends on the individuals' tastes and preferences and as in any other decoration project, there can never be any set rule.

4. Decorative Borders

A nice idea is to use borders to create emphasis or a focal point in a room. Rather than applying the same border throughout the room, you can choose a different colored or patterned border for the middle part, or where there is a particular object or furniture item you would like to accentuate. With the wide variety of borders to choose from, being different and innovative will be easy.

Since we are dealing with installing floor borders to a bathroom, finding one or two fixtures to highlight is relatively easy. The result accentuates the flooring of your bathroom, and ultimately enhances the look of the room itself. Due to the frequent usage of water, it is best to go for laminated flooring borders rather than plain wooden ones, for better longevity.