4 Ideas for Optimizing Your Media Storage Cabinet Usage

A media storage cabinet is a good way to organize all of your media equipment and keep your living room looking neat and tidy. How large a media storage cabinet should you buy and what should you put in it?


An armoire type media storage cabinet gives you the chance to keep everything, including your television, out of sight. This ensures your living room will be a lot less messy with fewer cables trailing around. However, this type of media storage cabinet will easily dominate a room, especially if you have a wide screen television. This means you’ll need a living room that’s not only big enough, but also tall enough to easily accommodate it.

If you do use one, ensure it has enough shelving for all of your needs. You’ll need room for your cable box and DVD player and a VCR if you still use one. These can be stacked one on top of another to maximize space. There’s may also be space for storing a games console.

Finally, think about audio. You’ll want your CD player and receiver in this handy central location. The whole point of having a big armoire is being able to keep everything out of sight when not in use.

Low Cabinet

With a low media storage cabinet, you won’t have the room to store all your media equipment. That means making a choice about what can go in the cabinet. Your television will need to sit on top but look at the shelving to see what will fit inside. Where space is very limited, make sure you put away the items you don’t use as much like the DVD player and VCR player. Ideally, you’ll be able to keep your cable box in the media storage cabinet but it can sit on top if necessary.

There should be room at the side to take a games console which is another item that won’t be used all the time. Some games consoles can be stored either vertically or horizontally, offering you more options for storage. You won’t want to keep your audio equipment in this kind of cabinet because you’ll most likely need better access to your CD player.

Open Cabinet

An open media storage cabinet keeps everything accessible but still neat and tidy. If you’re going to opt for this type of cabinet, you should buy one that’s large enough to hold everything with the television situatedon top.

The cables will be behind the cabinet and out of sight. Try to keep items grouped. Put your cable box, DVD player and VCR together. Your games consoles should also be together and your audio equipment can sit on another shelf. Where space is limited, you can stack the items as long as you leave enough space for ventilation.

Vertical Storage

Small vertical media storage cabinets can also look good and give an different option for your storage needs. You can keep all of the video equipment on one side of the television and all of the audio equipment on the other side. This separation makes everything much easier and access will be much quicker.