4 Ideas for Planting Patio Privacy Plants

All homeowners enjoy having patio privacy to protect them from the prying eyes of their neighbors. Building a privacy fence is a good solution, but planting trees and shrubs to act as a green screen is even better. Plants make a great living fence that add color, fragrance, shade, attract birds and butterflies and keep the surrounding temperature down. With a little creativity, you can transform an exposed patio into a private lush green haven. Keep these helpful tips in mind when planting patio privacy plants.

Types of Plants

The types of plants you want to grow will depend on their growing season and the size of the patio. Since your main purpose is to provide privacy on the patio, use thick, bushy plants that grow quickly and are easy to maintain. You can grow dwarf trees, hedges, shrubs, plants that cascade down and vines.  Gardenias, blue oat grass, blue holly and golden clarion lilies grow quite tall and screen well. Because you want your patio screened all year round, be sure to plant greens at the partition, and add seasonal plants for extra privacy and added beauty.  

Planters and Containers

Place permanent planters around the edges or corners of your patio. There are many types available on the market, with wood being the most popular. Large wooden planters serve as a mini wall and can be used to house dwarf trees or plants that grow too big for containers.

Containers are a favorite on small patios because these are portable and not as imposing as a large sized planter can be. Containers made from terracotta, wood, ceramic, plastic or clay are easily available in different sizes. Use larger ones to house a few types of smaller plants, or a single dwarf tree.

Arrange your containers and planters to form a barrier between your patio and the outside, then leave the plants to grow and screen your private zone.

Trellises and Hanging Plants

Placing a trellis in a container or planter is great for an instant screen and extra height. You may be able to grow climbing vines on them, depending on the hardiness zone of your area. Hyacinth bean vine, Wisteria, English Ivy, Climbing Hydrangea are great vines that grow on trellises. Hanging baskets with trailing or cascading plants across the top of your patio is also a great way to provide privacy.

Hedges and Dwarf Trees

A hedge needs some time to grow and does not provide instant privacy. However, if you are willing to wait, hedges make great patio privacy plants. Plant Anglojap yew hedge or any type of juniper that fits your patio conditions, then watch it grow to provide excellent screening. Plant shrub roses, boxwood shrubs or spirea for patio screening that requires lesser height.

Dwarf fruit and flowering trees are an excellent option for your patio and can be grown in containers easily. Choose the type of tree that can grow in your area and plant it in a container or planter. Keep in mind that fruit trees can get messy if fruit is not picked on time.