4 Ideas for Resin Table Tops

Resin table tops are usually covered by an epoxy polymer that has been poured onto the table top and sets hard to form a finished surface. They provide firm, durable and lasting table or bar top surfaces. Some owners use resin as an attractive show case for collectible items.

1 – Bottle Caps

Bottle caps from different beverages are a colorful way of decorating the top of a bar or table. Bar owners use drink memorabilia to decorate their interior so anything can be used.

2 – Beer Mats

Beers mats are another way of adding personality to a table top, using resin. Beer mats come in many shapes and sizes and you could cover your table top with random patterns or identical mats.

3 – Buttons

If you like craftwork buttons are a good choice for using inside your resin table top. Place the buttons in your chosen pattern and pour the resin over them to set them in place.

4 – Sea Shells

Sea shells are another attractive way of creating an individual looking top for your table or bar. If you live near the ocean you can pick your own shells and choose which ones look best for your design.