4 Ideas for Surprise Wedding Announcements

Most couples send out wedding announcements about their upcoming nuptials. Instead, some couples are sending out announcements that say, "We're not getting married...we already are!" Surprise weddings are becoming more common, when the couple invites people to a birthday party, a proposal, a wedding rehearsal or other gathering, then go ahead with the wedding right there and then. This is a fun and spontaneous way to get married and avoid all the stress of planning the details for months ahead of time.

Printed Announcement

Afterwards, you still have to tell the people who weren't there that you are now married. You can do this with a printed announcement. You can buy just-married announcements from many commercial printers. Or you can write your own message, get it printed, and mail it to everyone you know. These can be as simple or fancy as you want, from photocopying a letter to getting engraved cards on high quality paper.

Send Video

Since your wedding was a surprise to the guests, it will be a surprise to people who get your announcement. They might feel that they would have attended if they knew about it. To make them feel more like they were there, you might send out a DVD with highlights of the wedding video. Or if you're unable to pay for that, put the highlight reel on an online video site. Send an announcement with the URL for the site. Everyone can see you eat cake and dance badly.

Send Photos

Photos are another way to let people see what they missed. They can also be sent out on a computer disc or posted online. An electronic photo frame that shows your pictures could be sent to key people. This can be expensive, but there are also frames small enough to be attached to a keychain. You might even go old school and print photos to mail to your friends and family.


If your surprise wedding is held in an unusual location or in a quirky way, maybe you can get the local newspaper to cover it. One man planned his wedding on a Caribbean island for 6 months, but didn't propose until he and his girlfriend were actual on vacation there. Once she said yes, he told her the wedding was the next week. This was covered in a major big-city newspaper. Or you can ask the newspaper to put your wedding announcement in their weddings section. Then casually tell the people you know that they might want to read that section, just for the fun of it.

If you are changing your last name, make sure to include that information on your announcement. You want people to address you correctly in the future. Especially since you went the surprise route, you don't want to meet old friends who don't know about your new name.

Being sneaky may make for a great surprise wedding, but once you are married you want the world to know. These creative ideas should give you a start in deciding how to announce your wedded bliss.