4 Ideas to Covering Ugly Window Trim

If you are plagued by unattractive window trim, do not fret. There are many creative options that can turn the eyesore that is your current window trim into an attractive feature of your house that you can be proud of. Below, you will find four popular options for masking, transforming or covering up your current window trim. Keep in mind, however, that your options are truly limited only by your own imagination and there are a multitude of ways that you can transform your window trim into something quite different from what it is currently.

Curtains, Draperies and Valances

Perhaps the most popular option for simply masking the unsightliness of a drab window trim are curtains, draperies and valances. Constructed out of hanging fabric, this is also the most economical option available in most cases. While the actual appearance of these features will vary greatly from window to window, the predominant feature of curtains, draperies and valences is a length of fabric hung at the top of the window frame that hangs down and obscures most or all of the trim surrounding the window itself. Colors and patterns are extremely flexible with this option, in particular if you are willing/able to construct your own hangings with basic sewing techniques, as you will be limited only by the availability of fabric in your area.


Although slightly less frequently seen in modern homes, another option for dressing up unattractive window trim is a cornice. Cornices are wedge-shaped accessories made out of plaster, wood, or metal, mounted at the top of window frames in order to provide a sort of roof or awning over the windows themselves. Cornices are often combined with curtains or draperies, as described above, to create a more detailed interior design appearance.

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are simply versions of the same type of shutters that are often found surrounding windows on the exterior of a home. Shutters are panels of wood or sometimes metal that are formed by overlapping slats placed stretched across a rectangular frame. To increase the visual intrigue of interior shutters, fabric or glass can easily be inset into the shutter frame itself. Shutters will typically be hung on hinges on either side of the window and can be closed and often latched by swinging them together.

Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades are yet another option for masking the unappealing appearance of your current window trim. Shades and blinds are simply slats of wood, fabric, plastic, or metal that hang down from the top of your window frame. These can usually be manipulated left to right or up and down in order to keep light from entering your room from outside, or for privacy. They can also, however, provide a useful way of covering up ugly window trim.