4 Impact Screwdriver Safety Tips to Remember

An impact screwdriver is an effective and efficient tool that will quickly drive or remove a variety of kinds of screw-type fasteners. An impact screwdriver differs from a traditional screwdriver in several ways. An impact screwdriver both turns the fastener so that the threads grip the material, but also drives the fastener, creating an even firmer grip by the threads. Typically, an impact screwdriver utilizes an air compressor for it's power, combining the function of a powered screwdriver, like a screw-gun, with a driving force. As with any tool however, there are always safety considerations to keep in mind, and an impact screwdriver is no exception. Here you will find four basic safety tips to keep in mind when using an impact screwdriver.

1. Protection

Regardless of the task, anytime you are working with a powered tool, safety glasses are critical. Safety glasses protect your eyes in the event that a foreign object is sent flying. Regardless if it is a small wood chip or a piece of re-bar, your eyes can be permanently injured if they are not protected, which can result in blindness. This is a simple and quick step to take to ensure that your vision is not damaged.

2. Cover Your Hands

Wearing heavy duty leather work gloves will protect them from any mishaps. More than one drywaller has put a screw through a finger or hand, and gloves will offer some protection against any such accident happening to you. This is particularly important when working with an impact screwdriver, since they are so efficient, you could drive a fastener more quickly than your brain can register that you just put the screw through your hand.

3. Never Play with the Tool

An impact screwdriver is not a toy, nor should it ever be used for any purpose other than for what it is intended. If the trigger is depressed and the bit on the screwdriver is not secure, the bit could become a projectile. This is also true for any fasteners that happen to be on the end of the screwdriver. Common sense is an important component in the use of this tool.

4. Read All Instructions

If you are not familiar with the tool that you are working with, in this case the impact screwdriver, thoroughly read all user guides and manuals prior to operating. The chances of an injury occurring from a tool which the operator is familiar with as opposed to unfamiliar with are much lower. Because the tool is powered by air, it exerts a great amount of force, that if used improperly, can be either injurious or lethal.

Overall, an impact screwdriver is an extremely effective and efficient tool when working with fasteners. It will remove or drive them perhaps more efficiently than any other tool available. However, because there is so much power associated with the tool, it is critical that safety is top priority as it can do real and permanent damage if not handled properly.