4 Important Auto Body Repair Tools

A car on a hydraulic jack.

There are certain tools you’ll need for auto body repair. These are items you really need to own before you begin work.

1. Dent Puller

You should own two dent pullers. The first is a suction type that’s good for smaller dent. This is very simple to use. The other type requires a hole to be drilled through the dent. Claws are used on the back of the dent and pressure pulls the dent out. These are important for auto body repair.

2. Rubber Mallet

You can’t use an ordinary hammer on an auto body. Instead, you need to use a rubber mallet which will let you hit the paintwork without damaging the paint.

3. Hydraulic Jack

You’re going to need a good jack in order to week on an area you can’t access when all the wheels are on the ground. A hydraulic jack and jack stands will let you work on the entire car. A hydraulic jack will mean less work raising the vehicle and make the job go much faster while jack stands give security when the vehicle is off the ground for auto body repair.

4. Dent Repair Kit

A dent repair kit is ideal for small auto body repair jobs, such as scratches or minute dents.