4 Indoor Holiday Light Decorating Ideas

You can use holiday light strings indoors to turn your home into a festive place for the holidays. However, you want to achieve the right balance of festivity without being overwhelming, so don't cover the entire house with lights. Focus on a few areas of the house and color-coordinate the lights; multi-colored lights with too many colors per strand can seem garish. Trying some unique ideas can set your indoor light display apart from the rest.

1. Decorate the Stair Banister

A stair banister can make a great location for indoor holiday light displays. Putting up the lights is simple, too, since you can wrap the light strands around the banister and will only need clips to hold the lights in place at the top and/or bottom. An all-white icicle-like display of lights down the banister can be eye-catching, but you can try colored lights as well. Wrapping fake pine boughs around the banister with a string of green holiday lights makes an attractive display. Just be sure that there's room enough to hold onto the banister as you ascend or descend the stairs.

2. Decorate in Holiday Shapes

Pick a shape that's iconic to your religion—a cross, the Star of David—or to the holiday—a tree, a stocking, a dreidel, a menorah—and make that shape out of lights on a bare space on your wall or fireplace. You don't have to make a perfect arrangement, but just the basic outline of the shape in an appropriate color (green for a tree, red for a stocking, etc.) of indoor holiday light strings can make the room more festive. Before you start putting up the lights, though, you should sketch the basic outline of your design, taking into account that you'll have to create it out of strings of lights, so that you can get an idea of how many strings you'll need to put your design together.

3. Spell Out a Message

Another creative way to display holiday light strings on an expanse of wall is to spell out a message. Choose one to two colors of lights and make a sketch of the message you'd like to display before you try putting up the lights. Remember that letters may be connected by the string(s) of lights, so it may be best to attempt to write the message in cursive. The less complicated your message, the easier the decorating will be. Even a single word, like "peace" or "joy," can be enough to get your message across.

4. Outline a Table or Counter

While surrounding every piece of furniture with lights can be overwhelming, choosing a central focus in a room, such as a table or a counter, to light up can make a beautiful scene when you dim the lights. You can focus on just outlining the countertop or tabletop, especially if you want to draw attention to something you have on display on the surface, such as a small tree, a decoration or food for a party.