4 Inexpensive Ways to Paint a Cove Ceiling

The cove ceiling is a piece of molding which is used to join the ceiling and the wall, preventing the sharp right angles of the traditional wall-to-ceiling join. The cove ceiling means that the top of the room is rather like a semi-circle, and this can make it difficult to paint and decorate. The ceiling is in fact a complicated work of art, which is much more usual to find in expensive homes and those built during periods of cheap labor. If you have this particular design of ceiling, you may be worried about ways to paint it which will not cost you too much.

1 - The Plaster Underneath

One of the big problems with the cove ceiling is the condition of the plaster underneath. The molding may have been made by plastering over a layer of mesh, and this can sometimes mean that the plaster is not very firmly fixed to the ceiling, so that if you use too heavy a paint, you will find that it crashes to the floor. You should always examine the condition of the ceiling before painting, as a failure to do this can mean a lot of very expensive repairs.

2 - Painting from Ceiling to Floor

Applying 1 color of paint to both your ceiling and your floor will prevent you from having to spend a lot of money on sprayers and other gadgets. The cove ceiling can simply be rolled over, from the bottom of the wall to the top of the ceiling. Using a lot of paint like this can be expensive, but you should be able to find some cheap warehouse deals which will allow you to get a case of paint in, and decorate the whole room.

3 - Wallpaper and Paint

Another method is to wallpaper over the bottom half of the room, and then use paint on your ceiling. The wallpaper can be fitted to the beginning of the curve, and then put in as usual, and you can also find some types of wall decoration which will allow you to mark the band where the wall ends and the ceiling begins. You could use this as a guideline for painting the cove ceiling. Paint the ceiling using a roller, which can be bought cheaply from most home improvement stores, and then leave it to dry.

4 - Painting by Hand

The cheapest option for painting a cove ceiling is to do it by hand. A simple paintbrush, and a lot of paint will allow you to cheaply cover the surface of your ceiling with paint. This is perhaps not cheap in terms of time and money, but you should be able to save on the costs of employing someone to do it for you. Your painting may not be perfect, but you will not have to worry about people trying to claim more fees because the top of the wall is a little unusual.