4 In-Ground Pool Designs 4 In-Ground Pool Designs

Gone are the days when inground pool designs were limited to a square, rectangle, or round shape. Now, there are numerous designs to choose from or you can create a custom design that will meet the exact needs of your yard and family.

1. Free-form Pools

Nowadays, a free-form pool is one of the most popular in-ground pool designs because the owner is able to design shape that best fits their landscape. Often times, a free-form pool is installed to incorporate different pool features like waterfalls and rock formations. This type of pool often mimic a natural lagoon or spring.

One of the more common free-form designs is the kidney-shape pool. This shape suits spaces where a rigid-lined pool—rectangular or square-shaped—won't work. The kidney shape allows for the inclusions of additional pool features like diving boards, waterfalls and bigger steps.

However, free-form pools can be any size, shape or form depending on the needs and requirements of the owner. Free-form pools are often used for relaxation.

2. Geometric Shape Pools

Geometric pools are designed with even features and lines. Rectangular pools are the most common geometric-shaped pool. While In-ground pools in a rectangular shape have been around forever, they remain popular among pool owners. This clean and professional looking design works well in both traditional and contemporary landscapes and is the best shape for lap swimming.

3. Infinity Pool

An in-ground pool design that has gaining tremendous popularity in recent years is the infinity pool. Infinity pools are designed to create the illusion that the pool extends into the horizon. If done properly, an infinity pool is a great feature in any space. However, there are certain limitations and restrictions in installing an infinity pool.

To create that illusion of infinity, the location of the pool must be carefully considered. You will notice that most infinity pools are located near the ocean, beach, river, lake or other body of water. The main reason is that it creates an illusion that the swimming pool is an extension of the ocean or river if you are in the pool.

This design can be made in combination with the other in-ground pool designs. In essence, you can make a free-form or geometric shape pool into an infinity pool. You will, however, need the assistance of a professional to make this transformation.

4. Perimeter Overflow

An alternative to the infinity pool is the perimeter overflow design. This design raises the level of the pool water to that of the pool surround. This is accomplished by means of a notched perimeter that captures and drains the overflowing water from the pool. The drawback to this type of design is that it may limit the placement of other pool features such as decks and stairs.

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