4 Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Your Daughter 4 Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Your Daughter

There are various kinds of kids bedroom decorating ideas that you can use for your daughter’s room makeover. To ensure that you achieve a unified look for your daughter’s bedroom décor, it is imperative that you make use of one theme idea, which you will complement with other decorative elements like wall paper, photos, displays, fabrics, and so on. Below, you will find a list of the most popular theme ideas that most girls are fond of.

1. Flower Power

Flower is a symbol of femininity. It is no wonder flower power is one of the most popular themes for girls’ bedrooms. To get this look, you should start with the walls. Stencil flowers, butterflies, shrubs, and vines using colorful accents. You may also use a flower-patterned wallpaper to cover the walls and make it easier for you. Add in some soft and airy curtains with floral designs for the windows. Same goes for the bed. See to it that you find a bedsheet and pillow cases that carry floral patterns. Paint the room with bright and cheery flower colors such as orange, yellow, pink, and red.  Of course, a flower-themed room won’t be complete without little pots of flower plants to sit near the window.

2. Hawaiian Adventure

If your daughter is a beach enthusiast, she would certainly love the idea of turning her room into a beach vacation haven complete with all sorts of items from the beach. First, paint the walls with a beach scene. You can either do a mural or just simply paint it with ocean blue, sky blue, and a bit of yellow to represent the sun. Next, decorate the shelves with beach treasures like seashells, colorful stones, sand, and so on. After that, you should buy bedsheets and curtains that have seashell or starfish patterns and designs. As focal point of the bedroom, have an aquarium inside with your kid’s pet fish swimming around happily.

3. Fantasy World

Most kids enjoy living in a fantasy world. Girls especially love to imagine living with angels, fairies, and elves. Although this is not the reality, fantasizing is good for kids to hone their creativity and imagination. Reinforce this by decorating your daughter’s bedroom with a fantasy theme. Use faux painted skies and clouds to decorate the walls. For the beds, get fabrics that have angel or fairy themes. Find similar patterns for the curtains. Fill up your daughter’s headboard with fairy stuffed toys, angel figurines, and elf statuettes for added decoration. The best colors to use for this theme are pastel colors like lavender, periwinkle, baby pink, and sky blue.

4. Sporty Look

Boys are not the only ones interested in sports. Girls are very sporty as well. If your daughter is the athletic type, she would also enjoy having her room adorned with sports memorabilia. The decoration should of course be relevant to your kid’s favorite sport. You may also display your kid’s medals and trophies in the shelf for added decoration.

Whatever theme your daughter chooses, make sure that you work around it and you get some ideas from her so she will love the output. 

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