4 Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Your Son 4 Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Your Son

Decorating your son’s bedroom should not be too much of a difficult task if you are creative enough to conjure different kinds of kid’s bedroom decorating ideas. However, when there are already so many ideas to consider, you may be baffled as to which one to use for your son’s personal space. A smart move would be to come up with a theme that will unify all the decorative elements in the bedroom. Below, you will find some exciting bedroom décor theme ideas that your little boy would surely adore.

1. African Safari

If your kid loves animals, he would definitely love the idea of transforming his bedroom into a safari filled with things that would remind him of the wild. To achieve a safari look for his bedroom, paint the walls with earthy colors such as brown, green, yellow, and orange. It would be better if you have an artist in the family who can paint a verdant forest mural on the wall. Coordinate the bedsheet, pillows, and curtains using different kinds of animal print fabric. Throw in other safari elements into the room such as binoculars, butterfly nets, hiking boots, and so on to complete the look.

2. Race Cars

Boys love cars. Your little one would be delighted if you turn his room into a race track. As focal point of the decoration, you can buy a car-shaped bed. For the walls, you can stick car wall appliqués or paint it with a race track mural. Add in some race car posters and photos to complement the décor. Don’t forget to buy a glass shelf where your kid can display his car collections.

3. Outer Space

For an out of this world decoration, it would be awesome to make use of an outer space theme. To do this, you would need a kid’s bed that is shaped like a space ship. Make sure that the bed sheets and curtains match the theme so look for fabrics with star patterns or planet designs. From the ceiling, you can hang miniature planets, which you and your kid can make out of paper mache. You may also stick glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and on the walls so that your kid would really feel like he’s in outer space when you turn off the lights. A telescope right beside the window would also be a nice touch for this particular theme.

4. Sports

For the sports fanatic child, you can decorate his bedroom with a sports theme. The decorative elements would, of course, depend on your kid’s favorite sport. If he likes baseball, you can decorate his headboard with bats and baseballs, and display gloves and baseball trophies on the shelf. If he’s into basketball, you can fill up his walls with posters of legendary NBA players that he look up to and use NBA themed rugs and bed sheets.

There are so many fabulous ideas that you can use when decorating your kid’s bedroom. You just have to make sure that the theme fits his personality and taste so that he would love how his bedroom turns out. 

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