4 Kid's Picnic Table Design Ideas

A kid's picnic table can represent so much to a child such as independence and importance. They are able to have their own spot in which to enjoy the outdoors, have fun and be with other children. A kid's picnic table also is a blessing for parents. No longer do you have to worry about your son or daughter trying to climb up on the bench just to fall off. The whining and complaining will also hopefully be much less. There are many kinds of kids picnic table designs and this article will share with you some of those ideas.

1 - Welcome to the Zoo

Children are fascinated by all kinds of exotic animals. They represent something that is very unique, beautiful and even offer a chance for fun education. Anyone can build or purchase a small kid's picnic table, but they are pretty boring. They won't usually excite a child. Make it fun by painting the kid's picnic tables with pictures of cute animals at each placement complete with the name and some simple kid facts. Use the extra space to draw habitats like the jungle or plains.

2 - Fantasy is Alive

Children are very creative and take great pleasure the fantastical like fairies, dragons, gnomes and wizards. You can tap into your own creativity to design a kid's picnic table that will bring their imagination out front and center. Paint the picnic table with trees and use glitter glue in the clouds. Install a "tree face" to a leg and a scale miniature picnic at the foot of their table telling the children that is where the fairies and gnomes have their picnic. The sky is the limit and you can incorporate many of the things that they find fantastic and unreal in the design.

3 - Rotating Picnic Table

Children love to play and, for some unknown reason, like to spin in circles. Build a standard hexagonal picnic table sized for children, but make the base larger and heavier than the plans suggest. Use a very thick wooden tube large enough to slide over the base of the picnic table prior to installing the bottom. Build a bench for each side of the table and attach them to the center post with sturdy braces. The kid's can sit on the seats and spin themselves in a circle.

4 - Gaming Table

A picnic table for adults has a specific purpose: eating and socializing. A kid's picnic table is much more to them and if you want them to stay at the table you better entertain them. If you don't then after they've had their punch, cake and hamburger they will be off running around. Make the picnic table fun for them. On the stained or bare wood paint on game squares. You can have areas for tic-tac-toe, hangman, checkers or even a full board game. The only limit is the one you set for yourself. After the paint has dried apply polyurethane to the top and supply them with simple game pieces like colorful jewels or pebbles.