4 Kitchen Faucet Valve Types

Kitchen Faucet Valves come in different sizes, colors and shapes and are readily available in any home improvement store. They are classified according to mechanisms, which also determine price, efficiency and lifespan. When purchases a new kitchen faucet, it is important to take into consideration these four major kitchen faucet valve types; the valve is the heart and life of the faucet since it controls water flow and temperature.

Compression Valves

Traditional and least expensive aptly describes a compression valve. It has the traditional design which has 2 handles for hot and cold water. The handle raises and lowers the washer, it also shuts the valve seat at the bottom of the stem to control the flow of the water. You need to firmly close down the washer to shut the water flow. Oftentimes, the washers are at risk to leak and drip, however, this type can easily be fixed.

Ball Valves

The ball valve faucets are the most common kitchen faucet type and were the first kind of washer-less faucets. It has a single handle attached to the faucet base with a round cap. The ball shaped handle has chambers which control the flow of the water and likewise mixes the temperature of the water from the faucet. Due to its washer-less feature, it requires minimal to no maintenance at all. However, with its number of components, it has a tendency to leak more than the other type.

Cartridge Valves

The cartridge valves come in 2 styles: the single and two-handled. It has a stem cartridge which moves up and down to control the water flow and moves from left to right to adjust the temperature. It is also a washer-less valve; it uses a hollow plastic and brass cartridge instead of the common rubber disc. Inside the faucet base, the cartridge seals with O-rings; this makes it more durable and long lasting.

The two-handled cartridge valve works the same way, although it looks similar to that of the compression valve. The big difference lies with the ease of using it. The faucet valve turns off immediately without an additional shove.

Homebuilders recommend this kitchen faucet valve because of its relatively leak free usage and fewer assembly parts which makes a hassle free replacement

Disk Valves

These valves are the recent innovation kitchen faucet valve types. It has a single lever with a broad tube like body. These types have an extensive cartridge with 2 ceramic disks which glide along each other. The movable discs are watertight and refined to a near perfect evenness. As such, it can be moved from side to side and it can be lifted which controls water flow and mixes the temperature.

These types are least likely to be damaged, due to its tough ceramic construction which is shatterproof. It may be more expensive than the other types, but it is more durable; especially those which has a solid brass base. Should there be a leak, it is likely caused by the seals or a sediment buildup.

Having these helpful tips in mind, you will be able to choose an efficient kitchen faucet valve to match the classic or modern look of your kitchen.