4 Log Bench Design Ideas 4 Log Bench Design Ideas

Log benches are sturdy and make use of timber that is probably good for nothing else. How would you design a log bench?

1. Materials

Whatever design you come up with must take advantage of the material that is available.

2. Long Branches

If you have a good selection of long branches that are fairly straight you can create a bench seat and back using parallel branches and then build the underpinnings that will be the legs and back support of the bench.

3. Stout Trunk

With a good stout trunk of a tree it might be enough to simply carve out an ‘L’ shaped section. This would form the seat and the back of the bench with small logs placed in front and behind to stop it rolling over.

4. Two Stumps and a Plank

If you have a good sized limb that can be cut into two pieces two feet long or so, they could be set into the ground a little a few feet apart. Fixing branches between the two pieces will provide a simple bench in short time.

Log furniture is easy to produce and will probably suggest itself – you just have to be open to suggestion.

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