4 Low-Cost Alternatives to Buying a Wire Curtain Rod

A man works on a curtain rod.

There are other alternatives to using a wire curtain rod. If you are on a budget or bored with the curtain rod designs that can be purchased in stores, you can make your own. Making your own curtain rod is not really difficult; in fact, you don’t need to spend much to make your home an extension of your personality. This is a good way to exercise your creativity.

1. Found Objects

You can use small found objects as an alternative to a curtain rod. All you need to do is check the bottom side of the object to see if you can attach a screw to it. You can use doorknobs, small wooden balls, and other similar things. Attach these hangers, starting with a concrete nail. Get a hammer and drive the nail into the wall. All you need is to make a small hole for the screw to get in. Get your found object (the screw should be attached to the object at this time) and put it into the hole. Make sure the hangers are stable enough and will not move when you part the curtains. If you don’t want to use these hangers anymore, you can always use putty to cover the holes.

2. Industrial PVC Pipes

Ever thought you could use a PVC pipe as a curtain rod? You can. You need to cover the rod first with a string, or any material that can shield the industrial look of the pipe. It is advisable, however, not to paint the pipe since it might wear off. Choose the thinnest PVC pipe for your rod. Before purchasing, get the width of your window and allow adjustments on both ends for the rod holder. Make sure the sides of the pipe are smooth in order to not ruin the curtain. You may use sandpaper to sand the sides of the pipe.

3. Coat Hangers

You can use coat hangers as another alternative for curtain rods. Put the coat hooks on the window frames. You can simply attach the curtain to the rods. Or, if you want something really eye-catching, you can use a ribbon to tie the openings of the curtain to the rod. This will add a whimsy appeal to your curtains. This style goes best in the living room or children’s room. You can even paint the coat hangers to make it stand out or blend with the colors of the walls.

4. Going Back to Nature

You can use an old metal or a thick branch of wood as an alternative to the standard curtain rod. Just make sure that you had the wood cured or varnish to protect this from becoming a breeding ground for insects. You can have the skin of the branch removed in order to reveal its flesh. If you want to recycle old wrought iron as a curtain rod, you may do so by priming it to protect it from corrosion.