4 Materials for a Patio Stair 4 Materials for a Patio Stair

A patio stair is an essential patio component made of various materials such as concrete and wood. You can use one type of material or mix two types of patio stair materials to create a unique and elegant patio stair. Below are four types of patio stair materials. 

1. Pavers and Bricks

Pavers and bricks are classic yet contemporary patio stairs materials available in various colors and shapes. Pavers and bricks are versatile materials and can accommodate almost any type of patio stairs design.

2. Stone

Stone patio stairs are made from slabs of stone and gives your patio stairs a rustic charm. A stone stair is composed of two slabs of stone. The first stone slab is set deep into the ground to support the second and actual stone steps. Stones for patio stairs are available in various colors and can be purchased at your local hardware store.

3. Concrete

Concrete is an inexpensive patio stairs materials available in precast and do-it-yourself installation. It comes in various colors other than gray. Concrete is an ideal patio stairs material since it is known for its durability as well as its minimum maintenance requirements.

4. Wood

Wood is the most common among patio stair materials that is easy to install. It is also an inexpensive patio stair option. Wood patio stairs are made of wood boards that are available for purchase at any hardware shop. 

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