4 Measurements to Make for Custom Drapery 4 Measurements to Make for Custom Drapery

A great way to add character, style, and your own personalization to any room is to make your own custom drapery. Drapes are a window treatment that, when closed, cover the entire window from the top of the window to the floor. They can be either standard sizes or custom made. When you decide to make your own drapes, there are some measurements you will need.

Length And Width

Before you can buy your fabric, you will need to know how long it needs to be and how wide. Measure from the top of the window, where you want the drape to start, down to the floor. Also measure the width of the entire window. Get extra fabric to use for pleats, tiebacks, hems, and edges.

Measure For Placement

Keep in mind that you are not going to put the drapes on the exact edges of the window. You will need to add in extra measurements for how far away you want the drapes to extend from the window's sides and top.

Measure Pleats

Once you have the measurements, lay it out on a flat surface and begin to create your measurement grid. This grid will help you find where the pleats on top will go.

Measure Hems

Take a measurement along the edges to for hemming work. This is to help you keep the edges smooth and even.

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