4 Mediterranean Landscape Ideas 4 Mediterranean Landscape Ideas

A Mediterranean landscape is all about greenery, flowers, statues, and fountains.  Mediterranean style is very relaxed, containing such elements as greenery, terra cotta pots, and colorful flowers. If you live in a hot region, this landscape may be perfect for you. It's also perfect for people who want a beautiful landscape with low maintenance.

There are many different ways to create a Mediterranean style garden. For example, you can construct a stone walkway, an herb garden, a rose garden, or include a lot of statues and a fountain. But before you get started, figure out where the light falls in your yard at various times of day. Before planting anything you need to know how much sun and shade your backyard receives.

Idea #1 - Stone Walkway

One option is to have a natural stone walkway curving through the yard.  Stone paths are common elements in Mediterranean gardens because they are very welcoming. A Mediterranean garden is all about creating a relaxing feeling, so including natural stone makes a lot of sense.

Idea #2 - Colorful Plants

The type of plants you select for your Mediterranean garden depend on the gardening zone in which you reside. Visit your local garden center to find out what plants grow well in your area. Once you find out the best plants to purchase, plant flowers, trees, and herbs all over your yard.

Don't forget to plant some of the flowers in terra cotta pots, as this will really give your garden a Mediterranean feeling. If you have a lot of shady areas in your backyard, this will add a lot of color. Plus, having colorful flowers in planter pots gives you more flexibility to change the lock of your backyard according to the circumstances. For example, when you're entertaining you can place the flowers around the table where everyone will be able to see them.

You can place the pots on your deck or porch, or place them throughout your garden to add a special touch to the lush greenery.  
Another idea for a Mediterranean garden is to build a wooden arbor and cover it with different colored roses. Putting window boxes on your windows and filling them with foliage and flowers is also a good way to create an authentic Mediterranean feel in your own backyard.

Idea #3 - Water

A Mediterranean landscape has to include water. Consider creating a water garden full of beautiful plants. Or build a fountain.

Idea #4 - Add Other Elements

Add a stone fire pit to your deck to bump up the Mediterranean feel of your patio. When it comes to furniture, wrought iron furniture is a good choice. This type of furniture works well with a Mediterranean theme.  If you want to include cushions, purchase those made out of warm colors, such as yellow and red.  

Designing and building a Mediterranean landscape can be a lot of fun, as long as you plan ahead and do your research. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to putting together a themed backyard, as long as you stick to the overall feeling you want to create for family and friends.

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