4 Mildew on Wood Furniture Prevention Methods

Finding mildew on wood is not something you should ignore. Mildew is an organism that grows in the dark, moisture and heat. If you are storing furniture in a basement, garage or attic then finding mildew on the wood is not going to be a rare occurrence. Wood furniture is sturdier than other things that mildew can get on and is typically a byproduct of mildew growth. Cleaning mildew is not difficult but you will not have to worry about that if you follow some simple methods to preventing it from happening. The information below will share with you several things you can in order to prevent mildew on wood.

1. Paper and Boxes

When you are storing wood furniture it is important to do so in a space just meant for wood furniture. If you store other materials like paper and boxes you will increase the risk of mildew growth and mold. Paper and cardboard are easily attacked by mildew in dark and humid areas because they are flimsy and have no protection whatsoever. Most wood furniture has been treated so mildew forming is less likely. When mildew begins to form on paper or boxes it can spread to the wood furniture.  The simplest preventative measure is to remove the space of all paper and cardboard products. This will decrease the risk of finding mildew on wood.

2. Dust and Clean Often

Even though your wood furniture is stored properly you will still need to take simple care of the wood. Failure to do so may result in your finding mildew on the wood after a time of neglecting it. Dust will still happen even in a closed room and in dust are biological components such as hair and skin. Once these materials decompose they give off oils and gasses which can lead to mildew. Regularly dusting the space and furniture will help prevent the formation of mildew. You can further prevent mildew by wiping the wood furniture down with polish.

3. Using a Dehumidifier

Mildew on wood is caused mainly by the environment that the wood is sitting in. The darkness and the humidity will cause the mildew to grow. Placing a dehumidifier in the room will leach the moisture from the air. Without moisture there is no humidity and mildew will not grow. Just be certain to empty the water bucket on the dehumidifier regularly or it will stop working. When this happens the mildew will have a chance to grow. The water in the reservoir, if left unchanged, can also grow mold and mildew so this is very important to empty at least monthly. You can empty it more if your home suffers from high humidity.

4. Furniture Covers

This is the easiest way that you can prevent the formation of mildew on wood. A cover can exist in many forms from cloth to plastic. The best product to use is a zippered plastic bag made specifically for storing furniture. You can also use travel bags that movers use to protect furniture during moving.