4 Mistakes to Avoid When Snaking Your Drain 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Snaking Your Drain

When your drains suffer a clog somewhere out of reach or in a hard to detect place, you have the option of snaking drain clogs to release them. Using a drain snake to unplug excess dirt is relatively easy but some people make common mistakes when using them and cause worse clogs than those they tried to clear.

1 - Don't Work Too Fast

Many drain snakes fit on to the end of a regular electric drill, where they can be pushed into the clogged pipe to work a fast solution to clearing them. The trick here is to work slowly. Many people make the mistake of rushing, when they reach the clog. If you pull slowly you will attract more of the clog onto the screw end and bring it out.

2 - Don't Forget to Twist

As the auger end of the snake works like a corkscrew it is better to twist the snake as you get to the clogged mass. Keep twisting until you gather it all up.

3 - Smaller Problems

Some sinks will develop clogs once in a while and it is not necessary to get out the big guns when this happens. Many people cause more damage by using larger snakes than are necessary for sinks. A small thinner snake is better for handling clogged hair or sink gunk.

4 - Correct Sizes

As pipe sizes vary, do not make the error of using a snake that is too small or too large for your pipe.

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