4 Mistakes when Making Handmade Ceramic Tile 4 Mistakes when Making Handmade Ceramic Tile

Making handmade ceramic tile can be a delicate process, as there are specific procedures to follow in order to produce an excellent product. Despite the delicacy of the process, handmade ceramic tile is still popular. This type of tile can withstand humidity, is fireproof, fade and stain resistant, and will not absorb liquids or odors. Below are some of the common mistakes made when making handmade ceramic tile.

1. Over-Mixing of the Ceramic Mixture

Do not over-mix the ceramic mixture. Doing so will heat it and dry it out.

2. Exposing the Ceramic to Heat or Cold Shock

Heat or cold shock happens when you subject a ceramic tile to a very hot environment and then immediately subject it to a cold one, or vice versa. Avoiding this will save the ceramic tile from cracking or breaking completely.

3. Firing the Handmade Tile Before it is Completely Dry

Make sure that the ceramic tile has completely dried before exposing it to the fire. Failing to do so will not produce the desired texture and quality that you want.

4. Failing to Thoroughly Clean the Surface

As soon as the tile has been dried, make sure that its surface is clean. A clean surface will allow the paint to adhere completely to the surface. Failing to assure that the handmade ceramic tile is clean can result in an uneven finish.

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