4 Modern Bathroom Furniture Ideas 4 Modern Bathroom Furniture Ideas

When it comes to modern bathroom furniture, there are a number of great furnishings you can add to create a modern style bathroom that you will love. Keep in mind that modern furniture will have sleek and simple lines that are clean and clutter free.

Working With The Cabinets And Sink Space

With modern design, the best cabinet layouts are those that are very modular. In that, they are also bold. Being that the cabinets around your sink are one of the largest pieces of bathroom furniture you have, they need to make sure they make a statement.

In general, the cabinets need to look as though they are hanging rather than placed on the ground. Another great effect is when the cabinet depth is actually less deep than the sink.

Modern Tubs

Modern tubs are very simple and either very round or straight. For an airy and fun feel in the bathroom, add a round shaped tub. For those who are sticking to the traditional cubical lines, you will want to stock with a very modular tub, simply meaning it is square in shape. Most of these tubs are from a European or Asian design and are typically freestanding.

A modern design does not incorporate many pieces of furniture in the style. This is why it is important to really consider the weight of the major bathroom furniture pieces you do have to fill the space.

Steam Rooms And More

In modern bathroom design, you will notice that steam rooms and saunas are becoming very common. This is due to the increase in concentration on skin care and such. Steam rooms can be combined into a steam shower for those who do not have much space. These areas also usually include jets as well.

Color With Light And Furniture

To add a modern look and a very original and special look to your bathroom space, make use of color lighting. The best way to utilize colors is through recessed down lighting and up lighting. In most cases you want to see the effect, not the source. Making lights flush and non intrusive are very important when designing a modern style bathroom.

When it comes to the furniture color, you will need to pick dark, rich colors. Ebony and Mahogany are great examples of the wood color you should strive for. This is important because they are used to contrast with everything else. This is what makes modern bathroom furniture pop.

The color of the fixtures and hardware should be either chrome, steel or white. This allows for a clean atmosphere and smooth finishes.

When designing your modern bathroom keep in mind that everything is separate and modular. Collect pieces that are distinct in themselves and do not place too many objects in the space.

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