4 Most Common Causes of Moldy Car Smells 4 Most Common Causes of Moldy Car Smells

When your car smells, it can be an embarrassing situation that may prevent you from taking trips or spending time with friends. Many times, the car smells you notice are not of any real direct fault of your own, and in fact, happen to everyone one time or another. These car smells, regardless of what may cause them, eventually start to smell like mold. The information provided below will share with you several common causes of moldy car smells and how to get rid of them.

1. Dead Animals

Accidents are an unfortunate inevitability when you drive. You may not see the rabbit or squirrel run in front of your car. Some small animals may also find refuge in your car during the winter months. They crawl up into the small recesses of the car that can be accessed from the underside of it. They sometimes die in these crevices, and you will not notice the smell until the weather becomes hotter. The smell is a distinct and sometimes overwhelming type of mildew, must or mold, which will fade as times goes by. A good undercarriage wash is one way to help rid yourself of these car smells.

2. Pet Issues

If you have pets, you most likely take them with you on trips. Sometimes your pet will get caught in the rain, and their coat will become wet. The smell of a wet dog is something that is not often forgotten. When the animal is placed back inside the car, their fur will transfer the smell to the fibers of the seat. Once the interior gets hot, the smell of mold and mustiness will increase. Use a good fabric cleaner to remove the smell. Make sure you scrub it deeply into the fabric.

3. Wet Seats

Getting caught in the rain happens every now and again. When you enter your car after being wet, that rain water will soak into the seats. The water will sit and fester, and then the mold will begin to grow, and over time, you will notice that your car smells. In order to get rid of this smell, you will want to mix some white vinegar with soap. You can use a spray bottle to apply the mixture or you can use a rug cleaner. The rug cleaner will stand a better chance at removing the mold completely.

4. Dirt

Unfortunately, there is no real way for you to avoid getting dirt in your car and especially in the vents. Dust consists of tiny particles of skin, hair and other biological castoffs. Moisture from the air conditioner will act as a catalyst by reconstituting any material that has been dried out regardless of how long it has been dried out. The heat will then hasten the growth of spores. Once you add moisture and heat to the accumulation of dust, mold can begin to grow and then begin to smell. This is easily avoided by vacuuming the vents.

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