4 Most Common Locations for Sewer Gas Build Up

A sewage system.

Sewer gas is one of the most unpleasant smells to experience. While the gas is a warning to call the plumber in most cases, the location of the smell is often a mystery. However, there are four main areas that should be investigated when locating the offending odor. Once the location of the smell is known, the problem can be tackled appropriately.

1. Cracked Pipe in Wall or Floor

A cracked pipe might be the culprit of prickly sewer smells when the odor is obvious in your house but not necessarily near any plumbing areas such as the bathroom or kitchen sink.

2. Leaky Gaskets and Toilets

Leaky toilets and gaskets are frequent causes of sewer gas smells. If any of your plumbing facilities have leaks and you smell something unpleasant, try fixing the leaks first. Oftentimes, this will stop the smell dead in its tracks.

3. Roof Top Sewer Vent Stacks

Rooftop sewer vent stacks intake the gasses in your sewer and draw them into the fresh air intakes from the air conditioner. If this is the cause of your odor, sniff around the roof and the perimeter of the building. When vent stacks are the problem, the smell will be strongest in these areas.

4. Dried Out P-Traps

P-traps are a part of plumbing for a reason. These traps usually hold a small amount of water that is not released into the sewer system immediately. This water acts as a barrier to ward of sewer smells. However, if a p-trap has dried out, there is nothing to stop sewer gas from flowing freely up the pipes.