4 Most Important Brake Repair Tools 4 Most Important Brake Repair Tools

Simple and easy-to-use brake repair tools help complete basic repairs of the braking system in the vehicle. To know more about these tools, read on.

1 - Brake Caliper

Brake calipers are fixed above the rotor like a secured clamp. Within both calipers, there would be 2 metal plates, which are bonded with brake pads. When you move the brake, a brake fluid from the cylinder produces hydraulic pressure on the pistons, forcing the pad alongside the rotor. The brake pads serve to slow the rotor or bring it to a halt, enabling the wheel to halt too. 

2 - Brake Caliper Piston

The brake caliper piston helps compress the caliper piston. This is needed when the front disk brake pads need to be replaced.

3 - Brake Pliers

The jaw of the tool enables the user to grab parking brake cables while the other side of the pliers helps replace tension springs on drum brakes by positioning the end of the spring around it. Levering the tool would allow the spring to snap back in place. The brake pliers are also used for removal and installation of drum brake hold-down springs.

4 - Brake Spoon

The brake spoon is used to adjust the drum brakes. By levering the spoon behind the plug, the drum brakes can be easily adjusted.


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