4 New Ideas for Colors in Living Room

Colors in living room spaces are very important to how your home will feel to people. You can make the living room feel small and cluttered, but you can also make it feel large and open. Choosing the right colors for walls or the ceiling is an important decision as a broader range of colors can do a lot. The article below will share several ways on how you can choose new colors in the living room.

Focal Point Artifact

We will often try to match our colors based on the colors of the rest of the room. This is especially the case if you plan to have an accent wall. Instead of using the rest of the colors in the living room or other parts of the house as a focus on a new paint color choose a focal point artifact instead. Many homeowners will immediately use a piece of artwork to do this but that is a standard approach and nothing new or different. Choose a piece of furniture instead. A couch, chair or end table and choose a color of the same tone and finish as that piece of furniture. This new paint choice will tie the colors in the living room together with very minimal effort.

Use a Color Wheel

When you are younger and in school taking art classes the teacher often spoke of the colors of the rainbow and the color wheel. The purpose of the color wheel is to teach shades of colors, what colors to mix in order to make other colors and what colors will compliment one another. In the past, designers would use the color wheel to pick a new color that complimented other areas of the home. This is still done but when choosing colors in a living room you can use colors further apart on the wheel. The colors will still complement each other but will be subtle.

Artwork as a Focal Point

As mentioned above, many people will use art a way to select colors in the living room. This is done all the time but the primary color in the art is usually used to choose the color in the living room. Instead of being this obvious, choose a color in the piece of art that is very minor. If the color brown is used as the pupils for someone’s eyes then use that brown as a means to choose the new color. It will be very subtle but will bring the room together.

Increasing Space

The colors in the living room can make the space look larger than it is or make it feel more closed in. If you have limited space, you want the walls to appear extended and the space of the larger. This can all be done with the right colors but more importantly it can be done by using an accent wall. Choose colors in the living room based on light colors with a complimentary color that is brighter on the accent wall to get this effect.