4 Non-Slip Pool Deck Coatings

Pool deck coatings come in a number of different surfaces, but not all of these are non-slip. To make sure you have a safe surface for you and your family, here are some materials that make perfect non-slip pool deck coatings. 

1. Hardwood Tiles

Hardwood is a good alternative to glossy ceramic tiles. The grain in the wood makes the tiles non-slip. They are hardwearing and can be treated to make them weatherproof. If any of the tiles get damaged they are easily replaced. 

2. Specialist Pool Deck Coatings

There are many pool deck coatings on the market that are liquid based. These are applied over the top of the existing pool surround and left to set hard. These are available in a variety of textures dependant on the compounds that are included in the mixture. 

3. Concrete

Concrete can be textured especially to give it a non-slip coating and is produced in many different colors and finishes that can completely change it’s original appearance. It is a durable and inexpensive pool deck coating that is non-slip and waterproof. 

4. Acrylic Tiles

Acrylic tiles made for pool decking are waterproof and specifically textured to be non-slip. They are inexpensive to buy and available in a wide variety of colors and textures or can even be custom made.