4 Patio Awning Design Tips

A patio awning significantly contributes to the appearance and atmosphere in your patio, as well as to the overall look of your property. Since patios are meant to provide you with a space to relax and have fun, it is important that you do your best to obtain the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere you want. The shape, the materials used, and the colors and adornments can all make a great difference in your patio and should be considered carefully. Here are 4 patio awning tips.

1.  Choose the Type of Awning   

When you decide to cover your patio you should first decide what type of awning is the most appropriate. There are mainly two types of awnings:

  • Retractable patio awnings
  • Permanent patio awnings

Consider how large your patio is and decide which area you want to cover. If you have a small patio, you should probably go for the removable awnings, such as umbrellas, canopies, or a retractable cover. You can also match these awnings with wind screens.

If you own a larger patio, you could build pergolas or gazeboes.  Even if they require more effort and are more expensive, permanent awnings add to the overall appearance of your patio. If space allows, you could even consider building more than one awning using different shapes and types. However, you should be careful that they match your house in style and colors.

2.  Choosing the Right Materials

There is a wide variety when it comes to choosing the right material for your awning. If you want a rustic appearance, you can go for wood and wood frame covers, reeds or thatching. Metal covers are a good choice if you want a more modern or an industrial look. Aluminum frames are another option, but you should keep in mind that if the wind is very strong, the frames can be damaged. Plastic covers are advantageous in that you can have them in different shapes. If you choose a fabric awning, you can go for the solid, striped or colored type, depending on how your house and patio looks.

3.  Shape and Size

The round marquee patio awning would be a safe choice. However, you can let your creativity guide you and turn your patio into a relaxing oasis that has a different look than all the rest in your area. You can replace the traditional wedge-form awning with a large rounded one.

Not all retractable awnings have to be rectangular. For instance, you can choose a trapezoidal retractable awning.

4.  Patio Awning Adornments

You can go for the simple, discrete patio awning if a minimalistic style suits your house better or you can choose adornments to embellish it. For instance, you can put solar lights in so you have a cozy atmosphere and can enjoy late evenings on the patio. Or, you can have flower pots or other ornaments attached to the awning to make it livelier. Keep in mind that all these adornments should match the style of your house and patio.