4 Patio Trellis Design Tips 4 Patio Trellis Design Tips

A patio trellis is a wonderful way to add structural beauty to your patio while providing additional shade. Patio trellises can be as simple as a few wooden crosspieces for a vine to grow on to a sprawling fence or a part of a larger trellis structure. They can be free standing structures or elaborate designs attached to an existing building. This article will provide some tips for trellis designs as well as some useful tips for accenting them.

Tip 1 - Location

A patio trellis can be built along the railings of your patio for visual appeal or constructed as a complete wall from floor to the roof line for added privacy. They can be added to the back wall of your home to break up large empty areas and create a colorful backdrop for your summer patio parties.

Tip 2 - Material

As with most outdoor garden structures, there are a few options for materials. Cedar and redwood are popular options due to their strength and durability. Wrought iron, copper and vinyl are also options to be considered. Wooden trellises provide a warm, timeless feel to your project while the wrought iron and copper material add an old world charm and elegance to your patio trellis. Choose vinyl where a lightweight option is needed.

The vinyl material can be manufactured in a variety of colors and don't require much maintenance whereas the cedar and redwood require a water sealer and/or primer and paint to seal the wood from the elements and insects.

Tip 3 - Designs

Consider the type of home you have the look you are trying to achieve when you start designing your patio trellis. Design the accent cuts on your supporting posts to mimic the architectural style of your home. A Japanese pagoda style structure might not look very appealing with a craftsman style house.

To add a look of elegance to your patio trellis, consider using sweeping arcs and stylish molding cuts to the support members.

A planter trellis serves a dual purpose by allowing you to plant flowers in the base and train them up the trellis as they grow and mature. These planter trellises can be moved to suit your mood or space requirements.

Home improvement and garden supply stores and magazines are great places to get ideas for designing and building patio trellises. The Internet is also full of websites dedicated to backyard improvement structures.

Tip 4 - Accents

Adding "windows" to your trellis design will add to the outdoor room feel of your patio. You can purchase premade panels to install between the trellis support posts. These premade panels can also hang by themselves against the house wall to add a picture frame look.

So as you can see, the styles and designs for your patio trellis are only limited by your imagination. Building a trellis from a kit or even if you decide to create your own custom design is a wonderful weekend project that most do-it-yourself homeowners should easily be able to accomplish over the course of a single weekend.

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