4 Perfect Hibiscus Types For Your Garden 4 Perfect Hibiscus Types For Your Garden

Hibiscus is a very popular plant primarily for its bright, beautiful and often remarkably large flowers. They come in dwarf sizes which are good for indoor growing, however can also grow to full size hibiscus trees. While they thrive in tropical climates, some types are quite hardy, meaning they can better survive northern, colder climates. Below are a few types you may be interested in to add some extra beauty to your garden.

Gloria Hibiscus

Gloria is one of many Hawaiian hibiscus trees, popular for its free flowering nearly all year round. It is a large, full sized hibiscus tree, good for larger yards, with flowers 8 ½ inches in diameter.

Hibiscus Rose-Sinensis

Another Hawaiian type of hibiscus, this is considered the most popular of hibiscus plants, and is widely grown all around the world. Its flowers range from bright red to white, pink, yellow, and red-orange, and are about 4 inches in diameter. It is small enough to be a potted plant, making it easy to bring inside for the winter, and is a semi-hardy hibiscus.

Hibiscus Syriacus

This hibiscus flower is lilac-blue, though comes in many other colors as most hibiscus plants do. Part of what makes this type so popular is that it is very hardy for a hibiscus plant, making it easier to grow in the US, outside of its natural tropical habitats farther south.

Hibiscus Acetosella

Also known as “coppertone,” it is another hibiscus plant popular for being both half-hardy, as well as having year-round growth. In addition to its beautiful flowers, which are yellow or purple, it also has beautifully large, handsome maple shaped leaves.

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