4 Plants for a Fragrant Garden

Constructing and maintaining a fragrant garden will provide you with fresh good smelling flowers throughout the entire spring and summer seasons. There are numerous species of flowers and bushes that bare fragrant flowers; this article will detail four of the best smelling perennial flowers to plant in your garden.

1. Hyacinths are extremely fragrant plants which grow each summer from an underground bulb. For early spring color and smell choose Blue Jacket, Anna Marie and Carnegie varieties.

2. Lilies are available in numerous varieties which bare an array of blossoms with unique shapes, coloring and size. All lilies are incredibly fragrant especially Asian and Easter lilies whose scent will quickly fill a room upon entering.

3. Lavender plants emit some of the most pleasant and recognizable scents of all fragrant flowers. Any species will yield stems laden with lavender flowers whose petals retain their scent even after drying out.

4. Creeping Phlox is a shade tolerant perennial that blooms during spring and spreads throughout the garden like ground cover. It has an amazingly alluring scent that can be detected over 5 feet away. Bruce White is the easiest Creeping Phlox to grow and bears small white fragrant flowers.