4 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are blood-sucking insects that can make enjoying the outdoors a challenge. Repelling them usually involves using chemicals on your body and in your yard. Plants can also be used for those looking for a more natural way to repel these bugs. Try planting these plants in your garden to repel mosquitoes.


Although catnip may make your yard more appealing to stray cats, it's also a very effective mosquito repellent. Some studies show that the oil from this plant is 10 times more effective than the chemical DEET. Ideal places to plant catnip include on your deck and around your patio.


Marigolds have a unique smell that many insects, including mosquitoes, find offensive. They thrive in direct sunlight and work well when planted in gardens with a lot of natural light.


This pot-growing herb gives off an oil that's mosquitoes dislike. Once mosquito season is over, you can use this herb in your cooking.

Citronella Grass

Citronella grass is a tropical plant that grows six feet tall. Manufacturers grow these plants and distill the citral from the blades to use in mosquito repellents and other items such as scented cosmetics and food flavoring. But you can plant this grass in your backyard as a natural skin repellent if you have the room. Grooming may be necessary to keep it looking neat.