4 Plants with Leaves That Change Color 4 Plants with Leaves That Change Color

Leaves change color everywhere every fall, but where should you be keeping your eyes peeled for particularly luminous leaves? Here's a run-down of the leaves to look out for.


Oak trees are arguably the quintessential autumn highlight, and with good reason. The oak's wavy leaves are arranged in a spiral pattern among its branches, and in the fall months they will take on a luxurious golden hue.

American Sweetgum

The Sweetgum dwells in the warmer parts of North America, a climate befitting its warm colors. The plant's star-shaped leaves glow a fiery red in the fall, contrasting with its dark spiny seedpods, which contribute an planet-like effect to the stellar landscape of leaves.


There's a reason the iconic maple leaf on the Canadian flag is a deep red; and it's not just to match the nation's colors! Maple leaves run the gamut of colors from sharp green to bright orange, but they are best known for the iconic stark red they sometimes achieve.


While the dogwood is perhaps best known for its thin-pedaled flowers, dogwood leaves become a cacophony of colors during the fall.  Ranging from a striking yellow and brown pattern to a deep red that could give the maple a run for its money, dogwood leaves are some of the most beautiful mother nature has to offer.

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