4 Pond Filter Media Ideas

There is no shortage of pond filter media ideas. While maintaining a pond can be hectic, the good news is that many filters are available.

Mechanical Filtration

When using a mechanical filter, the trigger for cleaning a pond is often visible dirt. When cleaning the pond, tackle what can be seen without forgetting to address invisible impurities.

Biological Filtration

When considering a pond filter media, care should always be taken not to destroy useful pond bacteria. To this end, there are filters that embed the useful bacteria on the filter surface. This protects the balance of the pond’s ecosystem.

Submerged Filtering

Submerged filters are designed to sink to the pond’s bottom, continuously suck in pond water, and discharge the pond water cleaned. This design means that regularly checking and cleaning of the filter is a must. 

Surface Filters

External pond filters are easy to maintain and come in several designs. One example is the floating-lily filter, which has a natural feel and is less invasive to the pond’s ecosystem.