4 Pool Deck Ideas for Tile or Paver Pool Decks

If you are looking for inspiration for your pool decking, here are some pool deck ideas to help you. 

Idea 1 – Tile Shapes

The most common shaped tiles available for decking are square as they are easiest to fit and relatively cheap to produce. However if you are hoping for a more unique style for your pool decking, look for more unusual shaped tiles. Interlocking pentagons and hexagons can give your pool decking a lovely honeycomb effect and are simple to lay. 

Idea 2 – Hardwood Tiles

Rather than going for ceramic or brick tiles, consider using hardwood that is greenly sourced. Hardwood is treatable to make it water and weatherproof. It is also non slip. Using wood tiles will give your pool a natural look to fit in with its surroundings. 

Idea 3 – Changing Concrete

Basic concrete tiles can now be treated to look like they are made from other materials such as marble and ceramic. Once the tiles have been laid they are then treated with a composite surface layer that is manipulated to give an appearance of a different stone.

Idea 4 – Using Color

Pool deck tiles are produced or can be custom ordered in a variety of different colors from neutral tones to bright blues and greens. Effective use of color will give your pool deck a vibrant contemporary look.